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Premium Wireless Routers Review

Nowadays, with the proliferation of more digital devices into our homes and everyday activities, wireless routers are becoming very essential in making those devices flawlessly compliment each other. A standard 300 Mbps wireless n router might get the job done if you’re just accessing games or HD entertainment, and you live in a small home or an apartment. On the other hand, if you have a large home, a premium wireless router is what you need to be able to stream digital media to your television set, while also giving you the fast connection speed to engage in more than one online game at a time.

With a Premium wireless router, you’re able to share music, stream your favorite HD entertainment, support several game players at the same time, and also enable quick active VoIP communications. You’ll also discover that premium routers are better at connecting wireless devices all at once, without any lag in performance. The best wireless router will give you the enhanced ability to network your printer, thus allowing printing from any Laptop or PC.

The goods ones will also allow you to connect external hard drives, which you can use to store entertainment, images and other data files, that can then be accessed from any digital device on the network. These routers usually have advanced security embedded in them, and they afford you the ability to let others use your internet, knowing full well your personal files are secure.

At computer-s.com, we have taking the time to examine the needed features in any high-end Wi-Fi router. We also took the liberty of navigating from the slick press releases issued by router manufacturers, trying to unduly influence the true perception of their products.

What to Look For in Premium Wireless Routers:

Premium Wireless Routers are definitely better than standard routers. They come with powerful features that enables consistent bandwidth to travel across greater distances. The high end premium wireless routers will also have tools that are designed to facilitate network printing and easy data sharing. If you’re looking for the best wireless routers that are designed to provide powerful security and dependable bandwidth, you should look closely at the following features before making a selection.

Performance Criteria

It’s best to first determine what each router can accomplish. The best premium routers are designed to enable the streaming of multiple HD movies and games at the same time, without any lag in performance. You should also be able to access other computers that are connected to the network. You’ll also find some that are embedded with parental controls for families with children, or restricted policy support for any growing small office.

High end routers should come with Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) software, which is what you need to efficiently allocate your available bandwidth through Ethernet connections. You’re able to create a structure of how you want the bandwidth allocated. You can give more bandwidth to video streaming and less to gaming or vice versa.

The crucial point is that the software puts you in charge of bandwidth allocation, and you’re able to do as you please with the aid of the easy to use interface. Some wireless AC routers do also make use of multiple-input as well as multiple-output radio antennas, which helps to boost router connection speeds.

Security Matters

With numerous cyber crooks lurking around, searching for weak vulnerable router networks to attack, the premium wireless router you select should, and must come with the best in supreme security technology. With identity theft on the rise, you need to be certain your personal and business information cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. The best premium wireless router must come with WEP and WPA2 protection technology, as well as a robust reactive media access control, along with an impenetrable firewall.

Best Wi-Fi routers will help hide your devices behind secure firewalls, and unusual traffic patterns can be blocked before any damage is done. The best rated wireless router should allow for some customization of it’s settings, especially if you have little ones at home and you’re looking to restrict internet surfing to only trusted websites.

Ease of Use Factors

In this digital age, you expect premium wireless routers to come with ease of use factors. The brand you select should be easy to setup, and should have an interactive guide for any configuration you’re expected to perform before it becomes operational. Some will allow you to adjust your settings through a browser, or you can access the systems interface using a smart phone or other digital device. You should select those that offer CDs and USB devices with crystal clear, step by step instructions on how to setup your wireless router.

Help & Support 

In this digital age, electronic devices sometimes do come with factory defects or installation problems. Pay careful attention to the current customers reviews, as that’s an indication of how the manufacturer treats existing customers. Products with high customer satisfaction should be put on top of your to buy list. A high end router should at least come with a standard one year warranty or longer. The manufacturer should also have a robust website, where existing customers can access crucial resources about the device. How to initiate support services must be clearly spelled out for all to see.

If you’re presently unhappy with your 300 Mbps router, you should definitely look into buying a premium wireless router with dual band technology, with the ability to provide the best Wi-Fi accessibility. These premium wireless routers are designed to deliver best performances throughout, with hardly any interference on any wireless digital device connected to them.

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