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Nexus 7 Case Review: Best Case Cover for Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet

The new Android tablet from Google is creating anxiety among other tablet manufacturers and joy for consumers, for the added competition. Regardless, of how much you paid for the device, you do need a nexus 7 case cover to protect your investment from the elements. As you search online for the best nexus 7 case for your Google FHD tablet computer, beware that the prices can range from about $2 to $29 dollars.

Since this new tablet is only a few days old, I expect to see more nexus 7 FHD smart case cover on the market. If you have your tablet already you do need some protection for your device, and I have taken the time to look at some of the best nexus 7 case cover offerings and my brief review of each is included below.

The main function of a tablet case cover is to protect the device in-case you accidentally drop it. The good ones should also give you some protection from dust and other nasty elements in our environment. I also discovered a rather puzzling trick by case cover manufacturers, as they want consumers to pay a lot more for any other color than black.

Black color is the cheapest and some vendors want triple price once you start selecting blue, orange, red etc. I do know colors do add to the manufacturing cost, but tripling the price is a rip-off. Do keep that in mind as you select the best nexus case cover for your Google FHD tablet computer.

Poetic Slimbook Case for Google Nexus 7

The Poetic Slimbook is among the first case covers to fit the new Google FHD tablet computer well. It has a smooth texture and comes in finely grained imitation leather material. It does look and feel like leather, but it’s not real leather for less than $10.

It comes with unique durable panels designed to protect your nexus 7 tablet’s precious screen, while also allowing it to be positioned in an horizontal way. This ideal case cover for nexus 7 is very cheap, and looks well made. Your friends would assume you paid a lot more for it.

This case cover is slim, sleek and elegant looking. It folds horizontally, thereby allowing you to type, email, play games or just watch video. This case cover for the new Google nexus 7 has cutouts for your charging cable, headphones, and speakers. Poetic Slimbook Case for Google Nexus 7 has a three year warranty against any manufacturers defect, probably one of the longest in the industry.

Exact Folio Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD

This is another stable, well designed case cover for the new Google tablet. They claim it’s made from leather stand, but to be clear, it’s made from imitation leather material. It’s annoying when manufacturers try to deceive with words. I mean, no one in their right mind would expect a genuine leather case for less than $10.

This unique case cover is perfect for the Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013 Android Tablet. The easy designs allows you to insert or pullout your tablet computer, and it also comes with cutouts for easy port access.

It comes in many other colors, but for a great deal, stick to the black color.

MoKo Google New Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen Case

Moko tablet case cover for the new Google nexus FHD 7 is also well made. Claims to automatically wake-up or put your device to sleep, when you open or close the lid. You’ll find suitable cutouts for easy port access.

It claims to be made from premium PU leather exterior and microfiber interior.

I do prefer this case cover, because you can also use it as a stand for your Google nexus tablet 7 computer. The built-in stands has several angles you can use to type or watch your favorite shows.

It has a padded strong front cover, along with hard plastic back, combined to offer your device enhanced protection.

The MoKo Google New Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen Case, comes with a lifetime warranty, which is the best in the industry.

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