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A new Smartphone created with interactions not available on other products, the Amazon Fire phone gives you a brand new way of viewing apps, on-device video support, and unlimited access to media streaming and entertainment. The Smartphone with a Dynamic Perspective. The Amazon Fire phone is built with a custom sensor system. This means the phone will respond to different touches: how you hold and view it. Apps and games provide a more immersive environment, allowing users to take on a character’s viewpoint in games. Peek around corners and mantle objects.

Amazon Fire Phone Review

Short Cuts

Using the Amazon Fire phone’s unique access capabilities, users can now take advantage of tilting, peeking, and swiveling to get to the menus they want.

Use its panels to navigate through menus by tilting, accessing useful shortcuts such as attaching photos to messages.

Swivel for notifications and necessary apps like your settings or flashlight.

Finally, peek to help unclutter your display. Gst quick reveals of any additional details you might need at a moment’s notice.

Convenient Reading

The Amazon Fire phone allows you to one-handedly scroll and scan smartphone books without even touching the screen.

Firefly Capabilities and Technology

Email and phone numbers: Easily identify text on magazines, books and posters. Save contact information, make calls, and visit the sites you love without having to type everything out.

Entertainment: With Amazon Fire phone’s firefly capabilities, users gain access to more than 240,000 movies and shows, allowing them to add titles to their queue to watch later.

Music is easily recognized by artist information and albums with the availability to add them to a wish-list or shopping cart. Users can even create their own radio stations that are based on favorite artists and genres.

Mayday Customer Service

With Mayday availability on the Amazon Fire phone, users can expect to get free, live tech support right on the device. Users can easily receive help via live video. And with Mayday now available over AT&T’s network, all technical support is available 24/7, year-round. Help is quickly received, with an average response time of 15 seconds.

The Amazon Fire phone allows you to one-handedly scroll and scan smartphone books without even touching the screen.

Exceptional Camera Capabilities

The Amazon Fire phone possesses optical image stabilization and an incredible 1080p video resolution. And with an unlimited cloud storage capacity, there’s no shortage of photos to be saved and shared. Users are also able to have their media automatically saves within their Amazon Cloud drive, so there’s no worry to manually back up content.

The camera also has a panoramic, burst and lenticular capture options. Capture wide landscapes or a burst of shots of something fast-moving for a variety of different images.

Application and Tools

Enjoy favorites like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram and much, much more. And with built-in apps like email, Amazon Kindle books and weather, users can easily access their social networking favorites.

Immersive Apps

With immersive apps on the Amazon Fire phone, users can view useful information instantly. Yahoo!, Pinterest, and USA Today feeds are available and updated immediately.

Home Carousel

With Home Carousel, users can scan and scroll without having to close out of the application itself. Easily scan emails, as well as delete them. Take a look at an upcoming appointment and visit favorite websites. Users can also pin email, photos, and other favorite apps right to the front of Home Carousel.

Quality Performance

The Amazon Fire phone has incredible fast load times, with quick launches and smooth multitasking capabilities. Its graphics processor allows for fast and fluid graphics, and its high speed data greatly accompanies the phone’s 4.7″ high definition display. In addition to its powerful performance, the Amazon Fire phone has a battery life that is uncompromised, with a talk time of up to 22 hours and as much as a 285-hour standby time.

Powerful Audio

The power of Dolby Digital Plus is evident in the audio performance of the Amazon Fire phone. Volume and virtual surround sound are automatically adjusted. The phone is also capable of automatically creating an audio profile based on what users are doing.

The phone also comes with a premium, tangle-free headset.

Any music that is purchased from Amazon becomes available instantly on all devices. Play music by streaming, or download offline to listen to later on.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members can enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and shows with no commercial interruption. Have the freedom to watch movies anywhere on the go, as well as take advantage of Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, which allows users to choose from best sellers and other popular titles.

Integrated Entertainment

Amazon Music, Kindle Books, Amazon Instant Video, and Audiobooks from Audible are all integrated for convenient use right on the spot. Whether users prefer reading over t.v. shows, or music to movies, there’s never a shortage of entertainment when using the Amazon Fire phone.

Customized OS

Powered by Fire’s latest version OS, the phone’s user interface contains built-in libraries and applications, giving the digital performance of the phone an enhancement and improved content usability.

Using the Amazon Fire phone's unique access capabilities,

Take advantage of working on the go, with the ability to revive documents and presentations. With an Outlook email experience and the ability to view appointments right from the Amazon Fire phone, users can easily stay connected to work anywhere.

Customize your Amazon Fire

With the customization features the Amazon Fire has to offer, users can choose a phone case that fits their personality and showcases their style. The Amazon Fire can be fitted with a slim case which hugs the phone, keeping it sleek and accessible with stylish protection. The cases come in bold colors, including Black, Citron, Cayenne, Royal, and Blue.


kenu Airframe Portable Car Vent Mount

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I am going to tell you a story of how I got a ticket for speeding, and also one for using my smartphone in my truck. You might learn from my mistakes and see how you can save yourself hundreds of dollars from the traps set by the authorities. Recently, I was on my way to the local Costco store trying to help my wife with her cake making business. In my rush to get going, I left at home the headphones piece I always use with my cellphone. The Costco is about 10 miles from our home, and about five miles into my journey the well hidden police trooper pulled me over.

kenu Airframe Portable Car Vent Mount Reviews

License and registration please, said the polite but stern officer. You’re speeding at least 15 miles over the speed limit, and I also saw you using your car phone while driving. I can tell you, nothing kills your day than getting two tickets from so called enforcement officers.

In my state, the speeding ticket ended up costing me $450 and the cell phone usage fine was $300 as a first time offender. While I was furious about what had happened on that faithful day, I only had myself to blame as I had devices that could have warned and prevented the traffic incidents from occurring. My radar detector was left at home on that day also.

After paying my onerous fine, I decided to get one of those cell phone mount for car or for my case, truck. My online search for the best dashboard mount led me to the kenu Airframe Portable Car Vent Mount. This car vent mount is designed to be simple, and can work on all cars or trucks. The kenu airframe mount is designed to fit most of your smartphones. Best of all, this device is quite inexpensive!

Apart from using this product to avoid getting high priced traffic tickets, it’s also the best way to drive safely. Many lives have been lost because someone was responding to the latest text message while driving. Most people usually think it won’t happen to them, but accidents can occur in just fractions of a second that you’re distracted. This product that holds cell phones in your automobile while you drive safely to your destination. This device will not interfere with the functionalities of your smartphone features.

The kenu airframe portable car vent is probably one of the best dashboard mount on the market. This device is indeed small, and yet sturdy enough to fit most vents you find in modern cars and trucks. This airframe mount does not weigh much, and would not affect the functions of your car vent.

I must say from my research with friends and online forums, I soon discovered many phone mounts for cars rarely work effectively on most cars, except this model. The kenu airframe portable car phone mount will connect to your air conditioning vent, and it’s designed to fit most phones, including all models of iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.The features of the kenu airframe portable car vent

Since most automobiles have air conditioning vents, the kenu airframe mount will fit easily and enhance your smartphone functionalities without any chance of getting those expensive traffic tickets. The Airframe will attach to your car vent using a rubber claw that’s indeed very tight. The device attaches firmly and would hold your cellphone firmly in place as you communicate.

Now, this device is firmly attached to my truck vent, and my wife liked it so much that I had to buy one for her car. With my phone holder for car in place, I now drive safely without any fear of getting stopped by the local police force looking to raise revenue from hard working citizens. I highly recommend you get your own kenu Airframe Portable Car Vent Mount before it’s too late!

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I was on my way to Las Vegas from California and I saw a huge sign that said, “stop by to win a Laptop computer”. I know it’s strange, but out of curiosity I pulled into this huge parking lot. It was a big bingo hall run by some Indian reservation tribe. Inside was a huge space filled with slot machines and poker tables. I made my way to the bingo table and bought a pack of tickets for five dollars. Out of my five tickets one was a second place winner and the prize was a brand new HP Chromebook 14 Notebook Computer – coral red. I was somewhat disappointed as the first price was a Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop.

A few weeks passed and I still have not touched the Chromebook in the unopened box. My intension was to sell it on Craigslist and get myself a real standard laptop. A prospective buyer called on my Craigslist Ad, and we arranged to meet at my local Starbucks out of safety concerns. I waited for over an hour pass the agreed upon meeting time and no one showed up. Out of curiosity and boredom, I opened the HP 14 Chromebook box to actually see what’s inside. It was love at first site as I turned the device on. My connection to the Starbucks Wi-Fi network was so instant and I did not push any button. The buyer finally showed up two hours late, and by then I was already “in-love” with the HP computing device. I promptly declined the more generous offer from the buyer to pay me more, and continued my work with this amazing technical gizmo. That was how I got my own HP Chromebook, and now lets first look at the pros and cons of the product.


You can get one in three distinctive colors, with a nice matte finish design. It has a large display, along with a truly comfortable full size keyboard. I witnessed fast performance as it came with enough RAM power.


This device weighs more than other notebooks at almost four pounds. The resolution was okay but it could be better. Why they made the speakers to face downwards and mounted on the bottom baffles me, but the outputted sound was more than decent.

Bottom line:

Would I have bought one before testing it, probably not. But after trying it out for several months, I can truly say it’s a great product at an affordable price. What you can do with this HP Chromebook can only be limited by your imagination. If you would like to take advantage of the discount pricing – Click Here.

Now you know the story of how I secured my HP Chromebook, this product is far more appealing than most people realize. It runs on a newly designed Intel processor, and has more ports and configuration options than your usual Chromebook.

Hewlett Packard attempt to add more features than you get with other Chromebook computers might just be the beginning f increased popularity for this type of computing system. The HP Chromebook 14 specs comes very close to making this device a worthy alternative to your regular laptop computer.

Chromebook by HP Features:

This HP Chromebook comes with the latest in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity features (802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi)

With the instant Wi-Fi built-in, you’re always online even while on the go. You get very easy access to your favorite websites, and all Google Apps have to offer instantly.

The 14 inch full screen, it offers the best in HD display technology. With this device, HD videos will be outputted just like it was meant to be.

The included Solid state drive features, allows the Chromebook by HP to get going very fast, even from high hibernation.

Built-into the device is a digital media card reader which allows you to share and save images and videos with just the push of a button.

Integrated within the 14 HP Chromebook is a True-Vision HD Webcam, which is perfect for online chat and other activities. Since its HD webcam, low-light conditions does not affect how you look to others in any video chat.

This product from Hewlett Computers comes with FREE 100 GB 2-year cloud storage. Your stored files are double secured using the best in military style encryption technology. Also, your stored documents including photos, videos are password protected.

Comparison Between HP 14 Chromebook, Acer C720 and Samsung Chromebook

While there many other top rated Chromebooks on the market today, You get the largest display with this HP model. Trust me, this larger display comes in handy when you’re browsing online and trying to view as much content as possible. On the other hand, the Acer C720P does come with a cool touch screen, but has less RAM, which means it’s slower by a few seconds.

HP Chromebook 14 prices are abundant online but only one source can you get the best shopping experience with guarantee of best prices – Amazon.com – Checkout latest deals on this Chromebook and others.