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The frigidaire mini window air conditioner is truly quiet, compact and very easy to install. This 5 000 btu window air conditioner with two way air directional control works great.


Cannot be called a pretty design, but just very functional

Bottom Line:

The Frigidaire 5000-btu Mini Window Air Conditioner Fra052xt7 is indeed a best buy for those seeking to cool a small room or dorm space. It has rotary dials and the included mesh-filter has Anti-bacterial properties embedded within. This mini window air conditioning unit cost less than $120, plus you get FREE shipping – HERE!

I recently moved to Las Vegas and I must confess, it’s much hotter than I anticipated especially in the early late morning and afternoon. I just converted part of the garage to a small office and I was hoping the 12,000 btu windowless air conditioner in the living room would help keep the small room cool. That did not pan out as I imagined, and decided to get a small window cheap air conditioner. I wanted a unit that cost less than one hundred and thirty dollars, with hopefully free shipping. I also wanted one that did not consume much electricity.

The worst mistake most people make when searching for mini window air conditioning units is to concentrate only on the price. You also need to pay much attention to the operating expense by looking carefully at the energy ratings of the AC you’re considering. My small office room measures about 110 square feet and I settled on the Frigidaire 5000 btu mini window air conditioner white, for several reasons. This Frigidaire Mini Air Conditioner can cool a room up to 150 sq. ft, and it has energy efficiency ratio of 9.7 which is pretty good.

I choose the standard free shipping option, but it arrived much sooner than I expected. The installation is pretty basic, as long as you don’t have one of those huge windows. The frigidaire fra052xt7 manual came with one of the most detailed installation instructions I have ever seen. In fact, they included dimensions of different types of window sizes, and best ways to get the most efficient installation to prevent cool air leaking out, which can result in higher operating cost.

As I turned the frigidaire AC unit on, the cool air started blowing right-away. I existed my small office for about ten or fifteen minutes, and when I returned the room was too cold for my liking. I do remember the rotary dial was set to medium. Wow! that was fast and probably one of the most efficient mini window air conditioning units I have ever owned.

Frigidaire AC Window Unit Features

Frigidaire Mini Air Conditioner comes with an anti-microbial filter, that’s designed to eliminate all the harmful bacteria that can cause you health problems. Not only can the AC unit keep a single small room cool, but it ensures the remaining cool air is free of all known harmful bacteria.

Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner comes with a low voltage start-up design, that helps to conserve energy. It has an energy star rating of 9.7, which guarantees lower operating annual cost.

Frigidaire window AC includes a well designed pleated quick window mounting kit. It comes with optional side panels you can use to make sure the cooling equipment fits perfectly into your window.

This mini AC unit is so quiet, you’ll sleep like a baby while it’s keeping you cool.

It has mechanical rotary control dials which includes two fan speeds and two cool speeds. It also has two way cool air directional control.

This Frigidaire 5000 btu window air conditioner uses only R410A Refrigerant. The Eco-friendly refrigerant does not contribute to the depletion of the earth ozone layer.

You get an incredible three-prong power cord that’s about 6.5 ft long, thus negating the need to buy an extension cord.

Frigidaire 5000-btu Mini Window Air Conditioner Fra052xt7 has the following dimensions:

The height is – 15″

The width is – 18.5″

The depth is – 15.5″

It is recommended your windows width should not be more than 36″ max, otherwise the included extension side panels might not fit perfectly. The frigidaire mini window air conditioner comes with a one year manufacturers warranty for all parts and labor. The true product dimensions are 13.2 x 16 x 12 inches, and it only weighs 35 lbs.

Some Quick Energy Saving Tips While Using The 5000 btu air conditioner

Try not to block the cool air flow to or from the unit. Make sure blinds, furniture and curtains are well out of the way of the unit for best operating efficiency.

You do not want to install the AC unit in a window with blockage from other buildings, enclosures or shrubs. The mini window air conditioning unit works best when their is free flow of air, especially from the outside.

To help you conserve electricity usage and money; keep all open spaces closed including fireplace, wall and floor openings.

If you live in one of the colder climates, the best time to buy your 5000 btu window air conditioner is now, before the summer heat wave comes in full force. If you’re reading this during the heat wave, you can still get a good deal on the Frigidaire 5000-btu Mini Window Air Conditioner Fra052xt7 through Amazon.com.


The New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger is a really great tool for recharging your tablet or phone on the go. This battery charger is especially powerful, extremely durable and makes work or travel a lot smoother as you’re no longer tethered to the closest available outlet. This new trent battery can really save you a lot of time and hassle, allowing you to work more efficiently and get things done without worrying about a dead battery. If you work away from home or the office throughout the day, this 12000mah external battery charger is a great tool to own.

The New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger’s most notable feature is the large power output. It can easily charge both phones and tablets with ease. It has dual ports so that two devices can be charging at once, and it offers a high performance feature that charges both ports at full strength simultaneously. This means that if you plug in both your phone and your tablet they each get charged at full speed, there is no lag or delay that comes from dual charging.

The new trent 12000mah external battery itself can be charged from any standard 5V/2A USB charging port. The battery is designed to be charged and recharged over 500 times, and it holds its charge well between uses. If you do a lot of external battery charging this is one of the most powerful models of its kind on the market and can really help you stay powered up with ease.

Another notable positive about the New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger is the design of the product. This product is extremely tough and durable. The black matte finish is finger proof resistant so that it always looks nice, even when traveling or getting tossed in and out of bags and purses every day. The blue accents are really stylish as well. Overall the charger is quite compact, comparable to the size of an external hard drive. It’s really easy to carry around and doesn’t take up much space.

The Trent iCarrier can fit most smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices and more, although a special adapter may be needed for more obscure fittings on specialized devices. But the ability to use this external battery with pretty much any electronic device makes it highly functional and very convenient for everyone in the family.

For a portable universal battery charger, the New Trent iCarrier 12000mAh Portable Dual USB Port External Battery Charger is a winner. The design is compact and durable yet stylish and light. It looks industrial but not cheap. The overall power is outstanding on this model, and the ability to charge two devices at once without any delays or slowing in charging is amazing. If you need to be away from your home or office for long periods of time this cheap battery charger is a necessity. It is really useful to have and can make working on the go a breeze.


Galaxy s 4 Spare Battery Charging System

Samsung galaxy s4 is a really cool phone, but it also really sucks up the battery life quickly. I have long days away from home jumping from job to job and I don’t really ever get the chance to sit down and charge my phone. So I ordered the Samsung Galaxy S4 Spare Battery Charger, and it has been a lifesaver. I can just pop in the new battery when mine starts to die and I’m right back to 100% battery life. It has been both extremely useful and extremely reliable and has saved me a lot of headaches.

The best part about the Galaxy s 4 Spare Battery Charging System is that you just switch out the battery when your phone is running low and you’re back in business. It’s actually very easy to do and doesn’t take much hassle. Then when you get home at night you just charge back up both the phone and the battery and you’re set for the next day too. It uses the same charger you already have for your phone so there’s no confusion or having a ton of different chargers you have to carry around.

When you change out your battery (or before you use this spare one) the product comes with a really nice case. It holds the battery that’s not being used in the phone currently. It’s made from the same slick plastic that the phone is made of, so it coordinates well and looks good. It’s also extremely durable. I’ve had mine in and out of my purse a few times a day every day and there’s still not a scratch on it. It’s also lightweight and compact so you can just tuck it into your purse or pocket even and you’re good to go.

I really love the feature of having a case because I can guarantee I would have lost the spare battery a long time ago if I didn’t have somewhere specific to put it. And the fact that the case is durable is great, as I tend to drop things a lot too. Also you can charge the spare battery in the case, and this helps to protect the battery while it’s charging. I know my charger is usually left on the floor or countertop so having it in this hard case if much better for me.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that has a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone that finds they run low on the battery throughout the day. I can’t live without this thing now and it gets me through my day so much easier knowing I will have full battery power.

I love the charging/protective case it comes in because it is really sleek and fresh looking and it also ensures the battery is protected while it’s hanging around in the bottom of my purse. The second battery itself has performed well, and I honestly don’t notice the difference between this battery and the original. Overall I’m totally satisfied with my Galaxy s 4 Spare Battery Charging System. 


Having a cell phone or tablet battery that runs down right when you need it is a huge pain. Especially if you work long days on your phone or find yourself away from home and a traditional charger for long periods of time (think traveling). The RAVPower Element 10400mAh External Battery Charger is a really cool product that can help you enhance the battery life of your wireless devices. It’s slim and light, easy to use and can give you the power you need on the go.

The RAVPower Element 10400mAh External Battery Charger has enough capacity to charge an iPhone 4 times, a Galaxy S III 3 times or an iPad once all on a single charge. Most comparable charging devices can only handle charging phones, but this power pack goes above and beyond, able to supply an iPad. You can also charge more than one device at a time for maximum efficiency.

It charges your devices quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to stuff yourself into a corner to use that one outlet or stop if you’re on the go. Having a way to charge your device without the hassle of being tethered to the outlet can really free up your schedule and allow you to do what you need all day long. The RAVPower is comprised of a premium lithium-ion battery that can supply over 500 charges in its lifetime, and lithium-ion batteries are notable reliable and consistent.

A great feature about this charger is the slim design and cool styling. It features an ebony varnish that looks and feels expensive and rich, and it is super durable. Even if this batter pack is dropped it will still stay tough (but of course, dropping it is not exactly recommended).

The RAVPower Element 10400mAh External Battery Charger’s face is sleek and attractive with modern, clean lines. The light display on the front is also super useful as it lets you know how much juice is left in the battery pack itself. The blue LED bars flash when the unit is charging and stay on when the device is ready to go.

The price on this device is exceptional and for the power that this battery pack holds compared to other comparable devices, it really is a great value. You’ll get more charges and more use out of this device than any other model on the market. The RAVPower Element 10400mAh External Battery Charger is designed for someone that really needs to use their devices, and they will keep you going strong all day long.

Overall the RAVPower Element 10400mAh External Battery Charger is a great device to help with your charging needs if you’re a person that’s on the go or can’t get to an outlet. It is also great to keep this around for emergency situations where your phone is going dead but you’re not near your charger. Out of all the external battery chargers on the market this one offers exceptional performance, great battery life and sleek styling. 


Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy s3

The Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy s3 is one of the hottest, most technologically advanced smart phones on the market, and you can get it with prepaid minutes from Virgin, no long contract, and still get great service and a great phone. I really love the freedom to use prepaid services, and for me (I’m in California), the service has been outstanding. Virgin also offers great customer service and has been super helpful with all of my questions. I would definitely recommend the Samsung galaxy s iii virgin mobile for a pre-paid plan.

First of all the screen on this phone is outstanding. It has a 4.8 inch display that is vibrant and crisp. I personally love having the big screen because it makes reading text super easy, and honestly I don’t mind the increase in overall size. It still feels light when you’re holding it to talk or text. The screen is super durable too. It’s made out of Gorilla Glass 2.0 that doesn’t scratch or mark easily. I keep this virgin mobile galaxy s3 smartphone in my purse without a cover, and I’ve noticed that the screen has stayed scratch-free way better than other phones I’ve owned. The tougher screen is still responsive, though, and the touch features work perfectly.

Another thing I love about the virgin mobile Samsung galaxy s iii is the camera. It has an 8 megapixel camera that works great and has some really neat features like burst mode that can catch cool action shots and Best Shot mode that helps you get a perfect picture based on lighting, coloring and clarity.

You can also shoot HD videos that come out great, and you can snap photos mid-video which comes in handy. I’ve noticed that this galaxy s3 virgin mobile phone camera takes really nice pictures, everything comes out clear and sharp and they look great when I upload them onto my computer. I’ve even put some of the pictures onto my TV as screensavers and they still look clear. There’s also a camera on the front that’s great for Skype or selfies (haha).

If you have friends that have the Samsung Galaxy S III then this phone is a really great way to share photos and videos. You can actually just place it back-to-back with another phone and they transfer files to each other like magic. Okay, so it’s really this S Beam technology, but you don’t need cell or WiFi for this feature to work. I use this feature a lot to share pictures and videos. 

The Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy s3 is a really great smartphone, and the fact you can get Virgin pre-paid service makes this a really great deal. The screen is really bright, clear and easy to read and the phone feels durable and sturdy when you hold it or use it. I love the camera and I use it all the time, it takes really great photos. For a well-built phone with a lot of cool tech and upgrades, this device is awesome.


T mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Review

The smart phone war seems to be stronger than ever, but unless you want a 2-year contract you usually can’t get the phone you want. But T-Mobile has some great phones now that you can actually use with a pre-paid plan card allowing you to get an upgrade whenever you want. The t mobile Nokia Lumia 521 is a really slick phone that offers all the latest features without getting stuck in a long contract.

One of the best things about the Nokia Lumia 521 is the overall size and feel of the phone. It boasts a 4 inch WVGA LCD display that is crisp, bright and really easy to read. There are contrast features in the settings menu that allow you to adjust the brightness and colors so that you can read the text on screen even more easily. But with a nice screen as large as this text and pictures look big and bold even without adjustment.

The touch screen technology is top notch as well, and the screen responds to input quickly and easy without any hassle. You can actually adjust the sensitivity of the touchscreen if you find it’s responding to your fingers too much or not enough.

The construction of the Nokia Lumia 521 camera smartphone is top-notch as well. It is extremely durable and it feels sturdy in your hand. The screen doesn’t scratch easily and the prepaid cellphone overall can stand being dropped (don’t actually TRY dropping it) without any incident. Many people don’t like plastic in phones, but the quality and strength of the plastic they used on the backing for this phone is really great and adds to the overall durability.

Windows 8 runs on the device and looks really sharp. The tiled icons take a second to get used to, especially if you’ve been using other OS platforms on past smart phones. Once you get past the initial shock they actually are more functional and easier to use than any other platform.

Wi-Fi is a huge part of this phone and it picks up and connects to Wifi signals really well without a lot of adjustments. Calling over Wifi is a slick feature as well and it works better than I had expected. The calls are clear and loud, you’d never know you were calling over Wifi. However you do have to remember that Wifi has a geographical boundary and you have to stay in the area of the signal or you’ll get cut off.

Overall I’ve found the t mobile Nokia Lumia 521 to be a great smart phone purchase. You don’t need a contract, you can exist solely on Wifi (kinda tough) or use the pre-paid T-Mobile cards. Not only will this keep you out of a long 2-year contract, it ends up costing less and is easier to make changes to it, than a typical long term cellphone contract plan. If you’re looking for a pre-paid cellphone, this Nokia Lumia 521 camera phone is a great choice. It has all the top features you want, looks slick, is made from durable and quality materials and is just fun to use. 


Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone Review

The Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone AT&T pay as you go cellphone is an ideal entry-level smartphone for almost any user. This is the most cost-effective off-contract mobile phones you can get on the market today. There are many positives to embrace about this phone, which is available on Amazon, product number: B00E45043A.

The biggest selling point for this phone is the cost. This phone is available for less than the cost of many on-contract phones but the lack of contract gives you freedom from long-term phone contract obligations. Another advantage of the Nokia Lumia 520 4G PREPAID cellphone and its lack of contract means that this is the ideal phone for teenagers or people who are rebuilding their credit and can’t get a traditional phone contract.

This is a Windows phone, so there is full functionality in terms of apps. Additionally, Windows phones offer compatibility with your computer and the Office programs that most people run. Although there are sometimes issues with app availability with all Windows phones and the Lumia 520 is no exception. However, these issues are becoming less common as developers adjust to Windows phones.

Another advantage of this phone is that it can be used to control your Comcast Xfinity cable television system. Unlike traditional remotes, very few of us ever lose our phones meaning that you can always have a controller when you need it. This also goes for your Xbox, which can be controlled with your phone using Nokia Lumia 520 4G smartglass.

The Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone also gives you access to Nokia music, which allows you to stream tons of music for free, eliminating the need for other music streaming services you might currently be paying for.

The Nokia HERE navigation app performs well as a navigation system, without the glitches that are common to some other maps programs. You can also download maps for offline use, and still have turn by turn navigation ability.

The micro SD slot allows you to increase your onboard memory abilities, which is always useful. This AT&T pay as you go phone comes with an effective 4.52 GB integrated storage, which is enough for most people, so you don’t need to add storage if you’re not intending to use the phone heavily. The increase in memory will allow you to store additional pictures and video and run more apps. The battery is also easily replaceable, allowing you to buy a secondary battery if you tend to run out of battery more quickly than you’d like.

Fashion fans will be glad to hear that the plain black case snaps off and can be replaced easily with replacement covers in the colors and styles you prefer. This flexibility is especially popular with younger users who like to change their phone style frequently.

The phone coordinates with Bluetooth hands free options available in many cars, making this phone usable as a hands free phone in states that prohibit the use of cellphones while driving. Additionally, the phone will read you your text messages for added hands free functionality while driving or doing other things that prevent you from using your hands. 

The camera is rear-facing only, but is a high-quality camera with 5 megapixels, and performs well in a variety of lights and environments.

If you’re looking for a good smartphone that costs minimal out of pocket and does not come with a required phone contract, you can’t do better than the Nokia Lumia 520 AT&T GoPhone Prepaid, which you can find on Amazon, product number: B00E45043A. For young people getting their first phone to experienced users looking for a feature-heavy smartphone at a reasonable price, there are many reasons to give this phone a try.


Despite the recent explosion in digital technology devices, some people still prefer devices that reflects old reliable way of doing things. For those of us old enough, you probably remember when gadgets used to last a lifetime, now they’re built to last just long enough until the newer model comes out. If you have your doubts about electronic scales, below are three reliable analog bathroom scales you can tweak to function just the way you want it. Each of the analog bathroom scale reviewed have some modern conveniences, but they each maintain the analog dial for your current weight.

Best Analog Bathroom Scales

Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 Full View Dial Scale

Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 Full View Dial Scale is a great option for those customers who want to get away from digital scales. With a black platform of 12.8×12.4 inches, it has a capacity of 330 pounds. The measurements are in increments of one pound and has both pounds and kilograms on the dial.

A large, oversized full view dial makes it easy to read for those who prefer analogue. It is also much cheaper than its digital counterparts, with the added convenience of not requiring batteries to function. The Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 Full View Dial Scale has an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of #1 for mechanical scales and the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Reviews found it to be a very accurate scale that is well built and sturdy. The complaints were mainly by those who missed the convenience of a digital scale. A common gripe was that it occasionally has to be reset to zero, but that is a quick and easy task. Though all analog scales have their drawbacks, customers were very satisfied with the Sunbeam SAB602DQ1-05 Full View Dial Scale overall and found it to be a great bargain.

Thinner Scale by Conair TH100 Extra Large Dial Analog Precision Scale

The Thinner Scale by Conair TH100 Extra Large Dial Analog Precision Scale is a very accurate analogue scale. The extra large platform is black and silver with a comfort grip lining to prevent slipping and it measures 13×17 inches. It has an extra large rotating dial with a diameter of 6.5 inches to make reading easier and as it is analog requires no batteries to continue to function.

The scale has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and only measures weight in pounds, with no option for kilograms. The Thinner Scale by Conair TH100 Extra Large Dial Analog Precision Scale comes with a ten year limited warranty which stipulates any defective scale will be repaired or replaced for free.

The scale has an Amazon Best Sellers Ranking of #6 for mechanical scales and customer reviews are mainly positive. Some people found that the grey needle against the white background was difficult to read and that the effort to recalibrate it to zero after extended use was more work than they wanted, but most reviewers felt that the Thinner Scale by Conair TH100 Extra Large Dial Analog Precision Scale was a solid investment as it was accurate and well built.

Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale

The 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale has a unique retro look that offers precision measurements in style. It is an analog white and grey scale, with a powder coated steel base covered by a durable vinyl mat. The platform is 18.25×13 inches to provide safe and secure footing and the large dial display is 7.5 inches in diameter.

Measurements are offered in both pounds and kilograms for convenience, and the maximum weight capacity is four hundred pounds or one hundred eighty kilograms. The Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale comes with a five year warranty and requires no batteries to operate as it is mechanical.

This product has an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of #8 in mechanical scales and the majority of customers gave positive reviews. Most found it consistent and accurate though some found the calibration to be consistently off and many remarked that it takes up a great deal of space. As an analog scale, the Salter 200 Academy Professional Mechanical Scale is a well built machine that offers easy to read accurate weights without the frills of a digital scale.


Talking Bathroom Scales

Sometimes we just need to hear that soothing voice confirm what our eyes is actually looking at. If you’ve been working-out a lot to lose those few extra pounds, imagine stepping on a digital bathroom scale and hearing another voice confirm you’re at your ideal weight or you’re so close to it. You can get all that and more metrics with the top rated bathroom talking scales we reviewed below. Hearing another voice can be a motivating factor. In this talking bathroom scales reviews, we picked the four most reliable models that are known to deliver the most value for your money.

Top Rated Talking Bathroom Scales

American Weigh Scales Talking Bathroom Scale

American Weigh Scales Talking Bathroom Scale is one of the most economical talking scales on the market. The 13×14.4 inch black platform is made of tempered glass and has a sleek low profile. The Sense-on feature ensures that the scale is prepared to offer an accurate weight immediately, without needing to be tapped or turned on and will turn off automatically after ten seconds of being idle.

The audio feature is available in English or Spanish and can be turned off if not needed. Weight is offered in units of either kilograms or pounds and has a maximum capacity of three hundred and thirty pounds. The American Weigh Scales Talking Bathroom Scale comes with a ten year limited warranty, which is much longer than warranties offered by many other bathroom digital talking scales.

Most customer reviews are positive, stating that the scale is easy to use and consistently accurate and those who had issues stated that American Weigh Scales quickly and efficiently refunded their purchase. Other customers said that the voice function is not loud enough for users who are hard of hearing, but overall customers are satisfied when choosing American Weigh Scales Talking Bathroom Scale.

NewlineNY Newline SCB – 105 Newline Digital Talking Bathroom Scale

NewlineNY Newline SCB – 105 Newline Digital Talking Bathroom Scale is a very functional and economical bathroom scale. The foot tap function makes it very easy to use and there are no buttons or set up needed. The scale is turned on by a tap of the foot and will turn itself off after ten seconds of being unused.

The platform is clear glass and 11×12 inches, with a large LED screen that is easy to read. The talking function is a loud clear female voice that automatically reads the weight in either pounds or kilograms and can be turned off if desired. The scale has a maximum capacity of 440 pounds or 220 kilograms. The NewlineNY Newline SCB – 105 Newline Digital Talking Bathroom Scale comes with a one year limited warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Though it received mixed reviews on Amazon, overall it seems to be a good product. Some customer complaints were that the scale was difficult to turn on or it was too sensitive and turned on all the time and that the readings tended to fluctuate a great deal.

My Weigh XL-440 Talking High Capacity 440 Pound Bathroom Digital Scale

My Weigh XL-440 Talking High Capacity 440 Pound Bathroom Digital Scale is an excellent option for the visually impaired. This bariatric scale has a black and white platform of 14.7×11.25 inches which includes a very large LED weight display with numbers 1.5 inches high for easy reading. Scuff resistant foot pads keep the scale from scuffing up the floor and from sliding out of place.

The weight capacity of the scale is 440 pounds and the display is also available in kilograms. The talking function is loud and clear with a female voice reading the display and can be turned off if necessary. One of the key draws of the My Weigh XL-440 Talking High Capacity 440 Pound Bathroom Digital Scale is its thirty year manufacturer’s warranty, which promises to fix or replace any malfunctioning scales within two business days.

Customer reviews were mostly positive on Amazon and most reviewers stated that the scale was well built and accurate, though a few found it hard to turn on and wished that the voice was louder. Customers looking for a sturdy talking bathroom scale that will last found the My Weigh XL-440 Talking High Capacity 440 Pound Bathroom Digital Scale to meet their needs.

J-talk Talking Bathroom Scale

J-talk Talking Bathroom Scale offers an affordable bathroom scale with a voice option. The wide stable platform is chrome and measures 12.8×12.5 inches, and the LED display is large and easy to read. The scale has a capacity of up to 440 pounds and can display readings in pounds, kilograms, and stones. It offers step on technology that automatically turns the scale on when stepped on which means users don’t need to worry about buttons or tapping it on.

The voice display is clear and crisp. A nice feature of the J-talk Talking Bathroom Scale is that it offers adjustable volume control so it adapts to an individual’s hearing needs with three distinct settings. There is no mention of a warranty on Amazon or the Jennings website, which is a consideration for some purchasers.

The customer reviews are mainly positive on Amazon, with the biggest issue seeming to be that the speaker is British and those not used to the accent might have difficulty with her voice. Overall, the J-talk Talking Bathroom Scale seems to be a solid choice and customers were happy with the talking scales performance.

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale

My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale is easy to use and an affordable choice for a bathroom scale. The black platform is 14.7×11.25 inches and very sturdy with a large LED screen that features large font numbers that are easily read. The scale has a weight capacity of 550 pounds and offers the option of displaying in units of pounds or kilograms.

The talking feature is read by a loud, clear, female voice and can be switched off if necessary. The My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale turns on with a tap of the foot, so there are no buttons or switches to press. An excellent feature is the thirty year manufacturer’s warranty, which promises to repair or replace any malfunctioning scale within two business days.

The My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale has an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of #25 in Digital Scales and the majority of customers gave it five out of five stars. Most customers found this to be a solid, accurate scale with a high capacity that is ideal for those who are overweight and prefer a talking scale.